Thursday, April 18, 2013

Great tool to create websites for kids is a simple platform to build beautiful websites for the most beautiful things on earth - our kids! It is a unique platform - with design templates, CMS, navigation and other unique features dedicated to parents and kids requirements. The platform creates websites with dedicated domains to help parents(and kids) to track the life of the kid on the web. The important details of each year, each month and even each day can be captured in a special and beautiful manner. Most of the important moments can be captured in form of photographs. The memories and details can be shared with friends and relatives - with the help of special privacy and security features.

The Pikboo process is a unique process to make sure all sites look great. In the process, there is a manual effort at backend by designers and photographers to make sure each site comes out great. The process driven manpower will create great results by working on images and matching them with right web templates.

The other important part of Pikboo is the content, navigation and features - which are tailor made for children and parents. The product features, navigation and sections will be a great showcase of kids life. A comprehensive control panel will given complete control to parents to edit the details on site, to track life of the kids. The website for kids can be easily edited through the control panel.

 This unique service will be available at most competitive prices. The international service will be available for $65, where as the service in India will start from Rs. 4500. The best platform to create website for children.